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Meet experts and people with professionalism in different sectors. We will consult you explain and solve a problem to a level of satisfaction within a timely schedule. Visit our services for more Information


You don’t need to do it all by yourself. At the Newsline Consultancy Group, our interdisciplinary team provide service evaluation services to academic scholars, researchers, universities, graduate students and organizations in private and public sectors.  Our services include a comprehensive consultation to identify your needs and objectives and determine the depths of work and cost associated with completing a project.

We offer research consulting services on general research, market Research, research proposals,  publication article and papers, methodology & Data collection,  design paperless surveys, capacity needs assessment, capacity building, data management. Click to read more

Your journey to successful technology adoption starts here. Our ICT services include computer education, Website design and development, Programs and windows installation,  Domains, hosting, advertisements, social media management. Read more

Do you need to apply anything online? Application for business names, company registration, Scholarships, all services provided by, RITA, HESLB, VISA, UNIVERSITIES, NACTE, NECTA, VETA, TCU, Scholarships and any other online application yo wish to do. Read More Details

Admissions, Scholarships & Loans, University Applications, and any other Education Service

We apply admissions for all universities all countries and schools, application and form submission for scholarships . Also apply for Loans, Funds both inside and outside the country. Read more Details

Do yo need to apply for employment? We are here to help yo to apply for any employment opportunities, filling Employment portals, Internships and Volunteers.

Apply wit us TAMISEMI, MOH, TAESA, AJIRA PORTAL  and others. Read more

Do you need to write ant document? We help yo in preparing different documents of different types, example CV, Resumes, Calendars, portfolios. Also Loan, University, Scholarships, Governments, etc.  documents. Read More

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