Data Collection Plan

Our comprehensive data collection strategy involves understanding the research objectives, target audience, and the type of data required. Here is NL CONSULTANTS detailed strategy for both qualitative and quantitative data collection, including pricing for sample sizes of 100, 200, and 300 respondents.

Qualitative Data Collection Strategy

  1. Methods of Data Collection

– In-depth Interviews:  One-on-one interviews providing detailed insights.

– Focus Groups: Group discussions facilitating diverse perspectives.

– Observations: Direct observation of behaviors and contexts.

– Document Analysis: Review of relevant documents and materials.


  1. Data Collection Tools

– Interview Guides: Semi-structured guides with open-ended questions.

– Recording Equipment: Audio or video recording devices.

– Field Notes: Detailed notes during or after interactions.

  1. Pricing (USD)

Pricing for qualitative research typically involves the cost of recruiting participants, compensating them for their time, travel expenses, meals and accommodations, and the time and expertise required for conducting interviews and analyzing data.

Quantitative Data Collection Strategy

  1. Methods of Data Collection

– Surveys: Online, telephone, or face-to-face questionnaires.

– Existing Data Analysis: Using pre-existing datasets.

  1. Data Collection Tools

– Questionnaires: Structured with closed-ended questions.

– Scales and Instruments: Validated tools for measuring specific constructs.

  1. Pricing (TZS)

Pricing for quantitative research is based on the complexity of the survey design, the method of data collection, and the extent of data analysis required.



Sample Size          
  Qualitative Quantitative      
≤ 100 1,000,000 800,000      
≤ 200 2,00,000 1,500,000      
≤ 300 3,000,000 2,500,000      
≤ 400 4,000,000 3,500,000      


Additional Considerations

– Recruitment Costs: Especially relevant for hard-to-reach populations.

– Incentives for Participants: Monetary or non-monetary rewards.

The strategies and pricing provided are based on standard industry and may vary depending on specific project requirements, geographical location, and the expertise of the consultants.


The pricing above excludes the following

  1. Stationary services. This will depend on number of pages and number of tools
  2. Location: Pricing will be based on location (Dar es Salaam additional of TZS 500,000 and Out of Dar es Salaam Additional of TZS 1,000,000
  3. And other external factors