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Dissertation & Thesis

The depths of work associated with completing a dissertation/thesis is daunting and can be challenging. We can provide support services in completing either just a few chapters or all the chapters of your dissertation/thesis.

-Literature Review

-Data Analysis

Proposal & Reports

Giving Consultation in Research Proposal Development and Research Reports Writing for Academicians and Companies or Organizations

Concept note Development

-Background of study/Introduction

-Problem Statement and  Objectives

-Literature Review

-Methodology  & Data  Collection

-Data analysis and Interpretation

-Discussion of Findings

-Conclusion and Recommendations

Quantitative Research

-Improving surveys
-Web-based surveys
-Research methodology 


-Data collection
-Survey design

Qualitative Research

-Focus groups
-In-depth interviews
-Secondary data


Data Analysis

Data analysis is a method in which data is collected and analyzed using statistical and/or logical techniques to determine any patterns that might exist.

-Quantitative analysis
-Descriptive and inferential analysis
-Written results
-Charts/graphs for presentation of results

Articles & Papers

Do you need to write publication article or paper. We give consultation and we write all types of papers and articles. 

Professional Editing

-Manuscript editing
-Copy editing (including APA)
-Document formatting

-plagiarism remover